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Sewage Damage

What Is Sewage Damage?

One of the worst experiences that a homeowner can experience is sewage damage. Similar to water damage, sewage damage can cause both structural and cosmetic damages in your home or the business. Sewage makes it hard for you and family to stay within the premises due to the bad odor in the compound. Sewage contains molds, bacteria, viruses’ parasites and may pose a significant health risk to you, the family and in case of a business the customers may be affected too.

Here are some of the common causes of sewage damage.

    Solid flushes: solid flushes in the toilet leads to blockage in the sewer lines. This can occur in your home or business where people flash non-soluble solid in the toilet and thus blocking the toilets. Some of the solid that may cause sewer lines blockage are toys, garbage, and diapers which are not soluble.

    Roots infiltration: Most of the sewer lines were built a long time ago and little or no maintenance has been conducted. Therefore when the roots penetrate through the sewer lines joint and spread all over the sewer lines, they cause blockage of the sewage and at other times cause damage of the sewer lines.

    Structural defects: Sewer lines need to be checked and maintained over a period of time. If there is no maintenance structural defects such as pipe collapses, pipe misalignment and holes or cracks on the pipes arises, therefore leading to blockage or leaking of the sewage at your home.

    City sewer surge or back up: sewage damage can occur from the city’s sewage tunnels if it has overflown. This makes the sewage from the pipes to be pumped back to your toilet of the basement and make it very hard to live in your home or apartment.

At Clean Air Dallas Pro, we are the leading company in Dallas that is able to solve all the problems related to sewage damage and restoration. With the help of our well trained and experienced professionals we offer sewage damage restoration services within Dallas and the areas surrounding Dallas. We have the modern equipment making us a step ahead of our competitors and ensuring our clients get back to their home even before noticing it.

The process will include:

  • Extraction of the sewage, unblocking of the sewage and the steam wash on the surface to remove any contamination in the building.
  • The second step in restoring your house will be disposing of the carpets, pad and other necessary strictures which were contaminated by the sewage. In cases where the structures were not much affected, cleaning and disinfecting of the structures will be made.
  • The third step will steam clean the floor to kill any toxins or bacteria’s in the house.
  • The final stage of fixing the sewage damage will be to disinfect the whole building to ensure there is no harmful substance left in the building.

Why choose Clean Air Dallas Pro to fix your sewage?

Local Professionals

At Clean Air Dallas Pro, our crew is comprised of local, well-trained professionals with years of training and experience in sewage cleanup and repair.

Always Free Estimates

At no cost, our experienced technicians access the conditions of the sewage damage and the extent of the damage. After consultation with the client, they both come up with a roadmap and the expected timeline to fix the problem. Therefore within a short period of time, you are back to your comfortable house.

24-Hour Emergency Service

A sewer backup can happen at any time, so at Clean Air Dallas pro we offer a 24-hour emergency service for all types of sewage cleanup and repairs within Dallas and its surrounding.

30-Minute Response Time

The longer sewage stays in your home or property, the more damage it is expected to cause. Us at Clean Air Dallas Pro we provide 30-minute quick response to keep your family safe, avoid more damages to your furniture’s and property, and reduce the cost of repairs.

Licensed and Insured

Our professional technicians are licensed and insured to make sure you are safe and secure during the restoration period. All rules and regulations are followed when doing the restoration of the building after sewage damage.

Professional Equipment and Techniques

Our restoration crews at Clean Air Dallas Pro use professional grade equipment and advanced techniques to restore your home or business.

We Work With Your Insurance Company

Navigating what is covered by insurance can be difficult. We can work with your insurance company to get as much covered as possible.

Therefore take that phone and give us a call to solve any sewage related problem.

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