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Reconstruction Service

Clean Air Dallas pro provide reconstruction services for your business or apartment

Disaster does not come knocking at your door when it comes, but it gets the home and business owner off guard with little to do to save the situation. It can be a natural or manmade disaster ranging from storms, fire flood or accidents. The results are very devastating ranging from minor damages to the destruction of the whole building. Once the fire extinguishers are gone, disaster management team have also left the area, your neighbors are back to their normal routine and you are left with a shell-like house with no idea on how to fix it, then it is the right time to give a call at Clean Air Dallas Pro. Here at Clean Air Dallas pro, we provide reconstruction services for your business or apartment within a short time to ensure that you are back to your feet. We believe the time is of the essence and that why, we have a one hour response time after making that phone call to come to your place and access the damage caused by the disaster and start working on the building to bring back the comfort to your house. We have a team of experienced workers with different skills ranging from electricians to plumbers.

Here are some of the steps we take when reconstructing a residential or commercial structure


The first step to reconstructing the building to its original foam is the inspection of the building and access the extent of the damage, this will be conducted by our specialist and they will determine if the building want just a minor repair or the reconstruction of the building.  It is at this stage that you will easily identify the materials that can be used in reconstruction and also dispose of the materials that have been affected by the disaster.

Demolition and debris removal

If the fire, floods or hurricanes have destroyed the building to a point that it cannot be repaired without demolition, then the building will be demolished and removed all the pieces around the building. Our team of professionals at Clean Air Dallas Pro will come up with a reconstruction structure. The client will be asked to approve the planned plan and if by any chance he wants to make any changes they his or her ideas are welcomed.

Complete and thorough Estimates.

Our house or building reconstruction rates at Clean Air Dallas Pro are very pocket-friendly, we ensure that we research and come up with the best materials in Dallas and buy them from the vendor with the best affordable price. All the workers will come up with the required materials and equipment to be used in the reconstruction. After calculating the prices, we will give our client a quotation with the best rates in the market.

Permit Acquisition

A building permit can be defined as a document required to legally commencing the reconstruction of the building. The process may be tiresome for the owner and therefore that why Clean Air Dallas Pro takes the initiative for getting a reconstruction permit for you. The building permit ensures that during the construction public health is paramount for both the workers and the neighbors. It also ensures that both the workers and the people in the neighborhood are safe.

Project management.

Once all those steps have been followed, our skilled and experienced specialist commences the work and within no time you are back to your comfortable home or business.

Construction and Reconstruction Services

    Re-bricking and wall rebuild

    Sheetrock tape and bed

    Electrical work

    Cabinetry building or refinishing

    Vanity replacement

    Flooring replacement


    Debris removal

    Reframing and stud placement

    Gutter and flashing installation

    Roof installation

    Kitchen and Bathroom remodels

    Tenant/Apartment finishes out

At Clean Air, Dallas Pro ensures that our clients are satisfied with each and every step we take when it comes to the reconstruction process of the damage that has been done. In this regard, our team of experienced and skilled specialist works with our clients from scratch to determine the requirements, and objectives of the project and also to chalk out its scope and financial plan.

If you are experiencing any damage because of natural causes or human error and you are frustrated on who to call, do not worry anymore. Clean Air Dallas pro is here for you for your home and business reconstruction

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