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Indoor pollution has become one of the biggest problems in the state of Texas. When most of the people hear of air pollution, they think of smog, smokestacks, and outdoor poor air quality issues. According to research conducted by air study organization, 96% of indoor air from the 10,000 houses tested had some air quality problems.

The reason why most of our homes and businesses has contaminated air is that we are building houses that are tighter and more energy efficient. As a result of these improvements, the building becomes more energy efficient and also the air becomes dirtier.  As a fact, the American Lung Association has discovered that HVAC systems are among the biggest sources of biological pollutants in our homes and businesses promoting poor indoor air quality.

There is no amount of good housekeeping can clean the house and reach to the dirtiest parts of the building. Cleaning of HVAC duct needs professional services, Clean Air Dallas pro provide quality services on HVAC cleaning.

Because of developing concerns about indoor air quality, it has been difficult to convince the property owners to do HVAC cleaning. But unless that the air duct is really dirty, there’s no reason to clean them. The EPA takes a comparative position on the issue, recommending cleaning just if the conduits and HVAC unit are contaminated.

Whenever done properly, air duct cleaning doesn’t hurt; yet it’s not something that should be on your customary home upkeep list. You most likely don’t need your ducts and HVAC system cleaned except if:

  • After renovation: if your home has been renovated, particularly if there was asbestos decrease, lead paint exposure, or harmful residue , then your ventilation work has to be cleaned. Air Ducts ought to be closed amid home redesigns; however, on the off chance that they weren’t, risky residue and debris may move toward becoming stopped inside the ventilation work.
  • Animals: If there’s proof of creature infestation or settling in your pipes or HVAC framework, have the creatures expelled then clean the ventilation work and HVAC unit.
  • Mold: If there is an unmistakable form of mold development inside the ventilation work, the channels and HVAC framework ought to be cleaned.
  • Presences of contaminations: if detectable debris, pet hair, smells, or different contaminants are being discharged into the room through the channels after the registers have been cleaned and vacuumed; at that point, the pipes ought to be cleaned.
  • Disease: If somebody in your family is experiencing an unexplained allergy-related illness, you might need to consider having your conduits cleaned to check whether the HVAC framework was the guilty party.

Clean Air Dallas Pro follows these steps in ensuring your HVAC is clean and maintained.

    Clean components of the HVAC system that handle air circulation, such as the unit, fan, and fan squirrel cage.

    Remove and hand wash vent covers to remove all contaminants, both visible and microscopic.

    Vacuum every duct in the system to remove all debris, dust, ash and other substances.

    Apply an antimicrobial treatment to the entire system to kill mold and mildew and prevent re-growth for over 2 years.

    Clean areas around the vents.

    Clean and replace the existing filter to keep contaminants from re-entering the air ducts.

At Clean Air Dallas Pro, for every service we provide, we offer a 100-percent fulfillment guarantee. That is because we consider each and every customer’s satisfaction with the HVAC services we render to be equally important. It’s also the reason we welcome the opportunity to address and correct any issue about which you may be concerned. We are proud of our company’s record for providing HVAC services throughout Dallas, TX, and the surrounding environments ever since our foundation. Over the past years, we have maintained our excellent reputation by backing up those services with our customer-focused guarantee.

So if you are around Dallas or its environs and you are having challenges with your HVAC, then do not worry. Here at Clean Air Dallas Pro, we are here for you to ensure that your indoor environment is clean and healthy. So give us that call and I promise you will not regret. We have a team readily waiting for that call to fix your HVAC

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