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Fire & Smoke Damage

Why Hire A Professional

When a fire accident occurs the results are very devastating, both the neighbors and the owner of the property are caught off-guard with little to do to stop the fire. The fire is not only deadly but also destructive leaving the owner of the property with a lot of losses. Sometimes with the help of the neighbors, one may be able to put off the fire but in other cases, one needs to engage the fire department to put off the fire. After the fire has been put off the fire damage make the property unsafe to stay in for both yourself and your family.

Once the fire department is gone and all your neighbors are back to their routine, you are left with a harmful structure full of ash and soot residue. At this time, you also want to get to your normal routine. Do not worry anymore; Clear Air Dallas Pro is here for you as it provides professional fire and water restoration services in Dallas. Clear Air Dallas Pro has experienced professional with the ability to restore your house within a very short time.

Fire Damage Restoration Tips

Once the fire has passed and emergency workers have left your property, it may seem that all the danger is gone and that it is safe to enter your home. Before re-entry to your property, a fire marshal must approve that the property is safe. Handling electrical wiring and cleaning ash and soot residue is harmful to your health and safety. Consult a local professional restoration company to clean affected areas. Remaining fire damage may cause corrosion and foul odors if not handled by a fire restoration expert.

Why choose Clear Air Dallas Pro for fire and smoke damage

There are many companies in Dallas, TX that deal with fire and smoke restoration, but for Clear Air Dallas Pro our customer satisfaction is our goal. After the fire tragedy, the property owner is faced with a lot of challenges on how to do the fire and water restoration. Therefore we provide a friendly environment and pocket-friendly rates that can be enjoyed by the clients.

Quick response time

Clear Air Dallas Pro experienced professionals workers are always ready and eager to fix and restore your shop, apartment or any other building within the shortest time.  Once you make that phone call or visit our offices, we send one of our staff to analyze the situation, later with help of the client we plan on how the work will be done and shortest time possible to be taken to solve the problem.

Fire and water restoration specialist.

Clear Air Dallas pro is a company comprised of various experienced specialist that deal with fire and smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery and fabric cleaning and water, and drainage restoration. The company also has modern equipment and facilities to ensure that we rebuild the building to your expectations. The specialists are very friendly and always open to ideas to ensure that their ideas and your ideas do not contradict them.

Restore and replace mentality.

Our specialist at Clean Air Dallas Pro ensures that your road to recovery for you and family after a fire tragedy is fast and smooth by ensuring they rebuild and restore the building to its original form. Therefore they have to look at the previous building in order to know how to build it. The replace mentality is undertaken only when the client request for some modification of the building to a new structure.

The Restoration Process

Clear Air Dallas Pro fire damage restoration specialists will first come to your home and perform a thorough inspection of all your damaged property – looking for foul odors, ash and other traces left after a fire. Next, we will eliminate soot from carpets, furniture, walls, and other damaged items, while thoroughly deodorizing the property. We then decide which items can be refurbished rather than replaced -minimizing costs. Clean air Dallas pro works with your insurance directly to make the fire restoration process as low-stress as possible.

Clean Air Dallas Pro is here for you to ensure that your home is restored to its original form after fire damage so, what you are waiting for making that call.

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