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Crawl space

Why Clean Air Dallas Pro?

Your home is a system that consists of different parts and when combined they form a building. When the crawl space starts rotting, growing mold or experiencing other structural problems it puts the whole home in danger. Clean Dallas air pro is a leading company in Dallas that specializes in crawl space problems. Crawl space moisture is too common in many homes, especially the homes with exposed dirt floors. The earth underneath your home or business may become moist, and when that moistness evaporates in your crawlspace it can slowly lead to humid conditions, condensation and mold growth.

Many wonder how water is able to penetrate through crawl space. Crawl space is the lowest point of our homes, Most of the time water penetration is caused by mistakes caused during construction and there was no outlet that leads water away from the building in the foundation, clogged gutters during heavy rains may also play a part in water penetrating through the crawl space and the landscape that does not slop downwards away from the building and instead directing the water to the building. Plumbing issues may also contribute to crawl space problems if there is a leaking pipe or damaged pipe. All the above reasons are just but a few of the reasons why crawl problem may occur.

Here are some symptoms of a crawl space problem

  • Uneven walls
  • Foul odor at home
  • Uneven floors
  • High humidity levels
  • Wood Rot

There are many ways of drying your crawl space but it all depends on a number of factors including the access of the crawl space and the materials to be used. Once the crawl space is dried you may need some precautious measure to ensure that there is no such problem in the future.

Since there are a number of ways that water can penetrate through the crawl space and most of the time the source is not that obvious, therefore you may need the help of specialist from a recognized organization such as Clean air Dallas pro to help in solving the problem. At Clean Air Dallas pro we send a specialist to analyze the situation and determine how bad the problem is and come up with a permanent solution. The main aim is to ensure that the source of the water is address and fixed. The next step depending on the problem will be to access how long the problem has been there and the damage it has caused. Finally, we will remove the water inside and ensure that there is no air penetrating through the crawl spaces. In case there is any presence of mold it will be removed and a use chemical to ensure that does not grow again.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your crawl space, you’ve come to the right place. At Clean Air Dallas Pro, we specialize in crawl space problems of all types. Whatever your problem, we have the facilities and experience that you need to find the best solution.

Crawl space repair provides you and your family a healthy environment and helps you avoid minor repairs within the house because of crawl space water penetration and thus saving money.

One way that really works in solving the crawl space problems is by encapsulating crawl space so as to prevent water from penetrating. at Clean air Dallas Pro, we use a vapor barrier and seal off the entire crawl so as to ensure that no moist is able to escape or accumulate.

Air Clean Dallas Pro Crawl Space Moisture Treatments May Include:

  • Adjusting the slope around your property to make sure moisture is draining properly
  • Adding additional cleaning existing gutters
  • Extending downspouts to make sure the drainage is directed away from your property
  • Ensuring that your interior is waterproof to prevent damage to the furniture.
  • Properly installing vapor barriers to prevent the exposed earth in the crawlspace from becoming moist
  • Improving crawlspace ventilation with dehumidifiers, ventilation fans or both

Clean Air Dallas Pro provides all crawlspace drying to customers in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. We’re available 24/7 to solve all the crawl problems. If you discover water or mold in your crawlspace, just give us a call!

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